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Bright Futures Notes for 2015 Seniors

1)_____Academic Requirements. There are three scholarships.

To qualify for Bright Futures, students should have begun planning to meet the requirements at the beginning of high school, if not middle school. The Families of Faith Christian Academy web site has a whole section dedicated to Bright Futures; it's the Bright Futures Scholarship Page.

If you have questions about what is required, meet with Jim Lawson ASAP.
Bright Futures Deadlines/Requirements are non-forgiving

Award notifications for Bright Futures will be posted to student's online accounts. They will not be e-mailed or sent via U.S. mail! Make sure the e-mail address you submit is a valid one that the student can check. Students are advised to check their status often once the academic school year has ended.

2)_____Qualifying SAT/ACT test must be taken by June 2015 to qualify. The school code is 100-829. If you have taken the test(s) without using our code, you must provide proof before we can add it to the transcript or turn it in to Bright Futures. Check the Bright Futures page for the specific score needed to qualify.

3)_____Request Bright Futures evaluation ON-LINE BEFORE MAY 15, 2015. If you don’t ask to be evaluated before your graduation date, even though you meet the qualifications, you will lose the scholarship.

4)_____Complete the required Community Service Hours. (100 for the Academic Scholars Award, 75 for the Medallion Award.) If you have not already completed this requirement, request a Community Service Log Sheet from the office.

The web site to get information about the Bright Futures Scholarship is: http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/

To complete the Initial State Student Application (which is required) go to:

From this page, click on the blue link that says "Initial State Student Application".
For best results, you should use a computer that has a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. (Explorer is not as safe as Firefox or Safari, but the state of Florida web designers don't seem to get it.)

The next page gives you several options, but what you need is: "Proceed To Application" near the bottom of the page. Click that button.

It will make you acknowledge that you have read and understand the: "Before You Begin" information. Click OK.

Most of the questions do not require an explanation, but some might:

Social Security Number

Date of Birth (They need the month first, then the day of the month.)

Name (This would be the one on your Birth Certificate, not what people call you.)

Number 15 is E-mail Address. Make sure it's one someone checks because they are going to send you a user name and password that you will need.

Number 18 must be "yes."

Number 19 is Private. You are in a Private School; it may look like homeschooling, but you are not a homeschooler, and, if you lie to the state of Florida and tell them you are a homeschooler, then Familiies of Faith Christian Academy cannot submit a transcript for you because you will have told the state of Florida that you are not our student.

Number 20 FFCA is in Polk County.

Number 21 "Select the Florida high school last attended. There are two Families of Faith Christian Academies in Polk County, you want:

Number 22 Your graduation date is 05/15/2015

Number 23 Even if you have taken some dual enrollment courses, you should select FRESHMAN (first time in college). You were allowed to take courses at the college, but you were not their student. Once you graduate, you must apply to the college for admission.

Number 24 This is your first choice of a college; it does not commit you to that college. If you are not sure, PSC (Polk State College) is a logical choice.

Number 25 You can leave blank.

Number 26 is just a guess as to what your GPA is. The actual transcript will be used to determine your scholarship. All A's would be 4.0, all B's 3.0, and half and half would be 3.5.

Number 27 See notes for number 26, but add a half point for college and honors classes.

Number 28 Leave blank.

Number 29 Mark both the SAT and ACT just in case you take both. The CPT is only used for the Vocational Scholarship, so, if you are going to college, do not check this, as it will not be used.

Number 30 (Yes and Yes) The answer is "yes" you would take the money. (We can only nominate one and it will be the valedictorian.), and "yes" unless you are lying about who you are, have a drug conviction and those unpaid student loans.

Number 31 Check the drop down list for the appropriate answer, or leave it as "none."

Number 32 No explanation required.

Number 33 If you qualified, you would know the name of the relative that was burned out or killed in Rosewood (You don't know? Didn't you see the movie?) If you really want to know, here is the Wikipedia page:

Number 34 Ask your parents. If the answer is "no," you will have to ask the financial aid person at the college on how to apply once you are enrolled in classes.

Number 35 and 36 If you say "yes," they will mail you stuff.

Number 37 The answer must be "yes." If you answer "no" you do not want to be considered for the scholarship, we cannot submit a transcript, and this whole hour has been a waste.

Number 38 The answer must be "no."

Click the Submit / Print My Application and save a copy just in case a web server crashes, and we have to prove you submitted this application on time.


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