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Enrollment Process Paperwork

STEP 1: Complete the Family Enrollment Form, which has several parts.

Complete the family application with full payment, or you may send a minimum first payment of $175 with the monthly payment plan completed on page four.


Page 1: General Information - Custodial Family
The parent / adult information detailed on the family application must pertain to the persons(s) assuming responsibility for the education of the student(s) that will be enolled in Families of Faith. If a person is not the biological parent of the child, the relationship to the child must be indicated. Non-custodial parents (in most cases) have the right to view report cards, achievement test scores and transcripts. Non-custodial parents are to be listed on the student application unless their parental rights have been negatively adjudicated.

Page 2: Read and Sign the Parental Requirements/Acknowledgement and Release When a family has enrolled a child in Families of Faith, the following requirements are necessary to remain in good standing with the school and its policies:

Parental Requirements
1) Maintain daily attendance records, 180 scheduled days, accumulating a minimum of 170 days per school year,
2) Provide on the Student Enrollment Form an accurate reflection of the materials and curriculum used,
3) Provide the school with a quarterly attendance and grade report summarizing the progress of each child,
4) Notify the school of changes in course material, or method of instruction,
5) Have the child participate in the annual testing/evaluation program as prescribed and administered by the school,
6) Immediately notify the school of intent to transfer mid-year, and turn in all required grades and attendance,
7) Faithfully comply with all school policies and procedures, and
8) Pay all fees according to prescribed deadlines.

Page 3: Application/Enrollment, Family Registration
The top gray box lists the appropriate registration fees listed above.
* Mark the fee(s) that apply, based on the number of students enrolled.
* You may qualify for the early payment discount, so please indicate that if you are re- enrolling before the deadline.
* The bottom box contains the student tuition fees.
*It is important to list the full legal name of the student on this portion of the application so it can be matched to the correct student. (We have no problem referring to him as Billy, but, if the birth certificate says William Wadsworth Winston, Jr., his official school records must use William on his transcript, etc.

Page 4: Choose the Payment Option
*The top box indicates the full charges for the year, and the amount you enclose as payment.
*If full payment is made, no credit/debit information is required.
* The student tuition may be divided into monthly payments by simply indicating the day of the month you wish the debit to occur, the amount of each payment by month, and complete the bottom box with the required debit/credit card information.

STEP 2: Complete a Student Enrollment Form for each student to be enrolled.

Students Enrolling in FOFCAI: Applications for students being enrolled for the first time must include: (If transfering from another school, the sending school should sent the following items.)
1) Birth Certificate: Original or legible copy permitted
2) Immunization Record: (Florida State Form DH680 if student is a Florida resident)
3) If this is the student’s first enrollment in a Florida public or private school,
a School Entrance Physical is required. (Your doctor will have a form.)
4) For students other than kindergarten, documentation of previous school or
academic progress.
      a) Most recent report card for students entering 1-9 grades.
      b) Certified High School Transcript for students entering 10-12 grades or with any earned credits.
      c) Test Score Reports, if available.
      d) Homeschooling Documentation: If you have been homeschooling, provide documentation for the past three years.

Page 1: Permanent Student Information (Top gray box)
Legal Name: It is very important that we have the student’s complete name. If you gave them a middle name at birth, we need it now. (It’s hard to fix transcripts, diplomas, and scholarships that have been processed incorrectly because we have not been given correct legal names. Frustrating, too.) The name must match the birth certificate unless you provide court documents proving a legal name change.

Date of Birth: Date of birth as listed on birth certificate

Place of Birth: City, State and Country, Race: It is a Florida requirement that we ask, although it is never reported to anyone, and federal law forbids anyone to force you to answer.

Male/Female: It is amazing how often this is left blank, and some names are not gender specific.

Social Security Number: Is needed for High School Students only (Colleges, Scholarships, etc.) If your student is not in high school, it's okay to leave this blank.

Grade Entering: If the student is between grades, it's okay to list two grades in this space, i.e. 7/8 for a student who has some work to complete from the seventh grade, but will be working on 8th grade as the year progresses.

Date Enrolled: This is when you first started with Families of Faith. For some families it may be hard to remember because it was so long ago. Just be as accurate as you can. If you are new to Families of Faith, it is the date you fill out the original paperwork.

Last School Attended: If your student has ever been enrolled in a public or private school, list that school. (We have the address for most local schools, but, if it's a school out of Polk County, we will need you to find an address for us.)

Non-Custodial Parent Information (Bottom Box)
Leave blank if it does not apply

All biological parents who have legal standing to view student records and are not listed on the Family Registration Form must be listed. Families of Faith is the “custodian of the records” and does not contact the parents listed on this part of the application. However, unless the courts have ruled otherwise, if a parent listed on the student’s birth certificate asks to see a report card or test, we are legally obligated to produce said reports. Once a student reaches the age of eighteen, his/her records become their property and will only be shared with their permission.

Page 2: Courses Planned
This is where the communication between the parent and the school is most critical. If we are to properly document and certify the courses and credits your student has earned, we must know what material is being covered.

The far left column begins with the four required subject areas, English, Math, Science and Social Studies or History. We ask that you tell us who the primary instructor is in each area. In most cases the primary instructor is Mom, but it may be the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) for English, and Classflix for math, the Plant City Co-op for Physical Science and Dad for history.

For each course the following information is required:
1) Publisher
2) Grade level of the books being used, (a 9th grader will often use level 10 history from Alpha Omega because it is the World History credit that Florida requires, as opposed to the level 9, which is World Geography, which is not a graduation requirement.)
3) The title of the book or books should be listed, especially when it is not from a standard publisher such as those listed below.
4) Material list: Some publishers use a standard format in the division of their material. School of Tomorrow (SOT), Alpha Omega (AO), Switched-on-schoolhouse (SOS), Saxon Math (SA), Apologia Science (AP) are examples. For all other publishers (including A-Beka, Bob Jones, Christian Liberty, etc.), the parent must provide a detailed list of: Chapters in the text, number of quizzes and when they are scheduled, the number of tests and what type (all the same, quarterly, semesterly, final ,etc.,) so FFCA can provide a proper grade sheet.

Attendance/Gradesheet Booklet mailed to the parents

image of girl looking at a large report cardOnce the Student Enrollment Form has been completed and received at the school office, a student grade sheet will be customized specifically for your student based on the courses and materials you have selected. That form, along with the attendance form, will be in a booklet mailed to the parents, and will include a calandar for the year. Attendance and Grade Sheets are to be completed by the supervising parent and returned to the office at the end of each nine week (45 day) grading period.

Let the daily school work begin!