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High School Planning Guide
Table of Contents

Overseeing the education of a student is an important task that should not be taken lightly at any stage. The high school years are the ones that will follow a person throughout his or her life. Few colleges will ever know what your grades in the 6th grade were, but all colleges you may want to attend, and most employers will know about Algebra I in the 9th grade.

These words are not intended to strike fear in the hearts of parents or students but to emphasize the necessity to:
     1) Understand the requirements,
     2) Develop a plan,
     3) Review that plan yearly, and
     4) Execute that plan with rigor.

Table of Contents


Foreign Language FKHigh School Definitions and Testing
        1) Standard Four Year Graduation Requirements
        2) Three Year Graduation Requirements "College and Career Preparatory"
Sample High School Plan with Graph
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship 2008 Applicants (Chart)
Florida Virtual School
Earning High School Credits in Middle School
Dual Enrollment at Local Community Colleges
Course Catalog for High School with Descriptions
           English High School = EN
           Mathematics High School = MA
           Science High School = SC
           Social Science High School =   SS, AH, WH, AG, EC
            Foreign Language   FL
            Performing Fine Arts   PF
            Health/Life Management   LM
            Personal Fitness   PE  & PE/EL
            Electives   EL
            Vocational   VO
High School Planner

Additional Course Names and Materials in the
FFCA Course Code Directory (an excel spreadsheet)