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Families of Faith Christian Academy International

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Parent-Directed Education Orientation to Homeschooling

Decision One: The Basics
Whose Responsibility to Educate
Decision Two: Legal Options
Legal Options Overview
Homeschool Option Details
Private School Option Details
Decision Three: Curriculum
Choosing Curriculum
Classroom Based Publishers
   A Beka Book
   BJU Press (Bob Jones)
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Homeschooling Orientation
A Homeschooling Guide for Florida

Decision 1: Why Home Education

Education is the Parents' Responsibility we call it "Parent Directed Education"
Education for the Christian consists of two parts
     Spiritual Maturity
     Academically Prepared
The Public School System: How the present system was formed
Academics, Morals, and Philosophy
Secular World View or Bibicial World View

Decision 2: Legal Options for the Education of Children

Florida Compulsory Attendance Statutes
Home School Option Details
Private School Option Details


Decision 3: Choosing Curriculum and Academic Plans

Classroom-based Publishers (Christian World View)
A Beka Book
BJU Press (Bob Jones)
Christian Liberty Press
Key Curriculum Press
Rod and Staff
Saxon Math (also listed under Non-Traditional Publishers)
Shurley English

Classroom-based Publishers (Anti-Christian World View)
Pearson (Harcourt) (Saxon)
Prentice Hall
Scott Foresman
Silver Burdett Ginn
SRA McGraw

Self-paced Publishers (Christian World View)
Alpha Omega (Lifepacs and Monarch and Switched on Schoohouse)
Christian Light Publishing
Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum
School of Tomorrow (ACE)

Non-traditional Curriculum Publishers
Chalk Dust
ClassFlis (Videos for Saxon Math)
Common Sense Press
Easy Grammar
Saxon Math
Teaching Textbooks
Videotext Interactive
Living Books
Unit Studies
Classflix: Bringing the classroom to your home

Non-traditional Approaches

Sonlight (Living Textbooks)
Unit Studies
Veritas Press (Classical)

We hope you find the information contained in this guide useful, whether you are an experienced homeschooler, exploring options such as Families of Faith Christian Academy, or a “rookie,” just stepping out on this great education journey. While many books have been written on the subject of homeschooling from many different perspectives, the goal of this handbook is to provide an overview of “homeschooling” options.

This information is a primer on Parent-Directed Education. It does not attempt an explanation of all of the possible philosophies of education, but is more simply a breakdown of the three major decisions you will have to make to legally and successfully school your children at home.

It starts with the basic question of “Why educate at home?”, and, ultimately, who is responsible for your child's education. Next, the legal overview is covered in detail. Basically, what do you have to do to be legal in Florida. Finally, we talk about what types of books and curriculum are available and how to use them, including specifics of when and who they work for the best. Additionally, the Families of Faith Christian Academy section of this web site provides details of the services we offer as an accredited private school, from simple record-keeping and testing to assistance with Algebra through our video classroom, Classflix, and, of course, earning a real high school diploma. The high school planning section details how FFCA can benefit your “homeschooling” experience, not by taking over, but by becoming your partner.