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Families of Faith Christian Academy International Services

Families join Families of Faith Christian Academy Interntational for many reasons. Below are some highlights of the services we provide to our families. To jump to a specific catagory, click on the links below.

●Enrollment in FOFCAI meets the Florida compulsory attendance requirement.
●Parent retains control of textbook choices and curriculum approach.
●High school guidance of all graduation options and requirements.
●Maintenance of school records, with customized attendance/grade sheets.
●High school transcripts for college admission.
●Accredited high school diploma upon completion.
●Experienced full-time staff.
●Placement and standardized testing.
●Classes available on-line from the Florida Virtual School.
●Local dual-enrollment at Community Colleges.


Enrollment in FOFCAI meets the Florida compulsory attendance requirement.

Students simply transfer to FFCA from the public or private school they previously attended. Registering with the county superintendent is not required because the student is enrolled in a private school. (It may look like homeschooling, but it is not; it is a private school.) Students who are enrolled through the public school county superintendent may withdraw their students from homeschooling upon enrollment with Families of Faith Christian Academy International. Many families “forget” that they are in a private school because it looks like homeschooling and walks like homeschooling, but it is not.

Here is an important note: If you tell a public school, a college, a university, or a military recruiter that you are “homeschooling,” you are giving away the benefits of official records from a private school which you have earned, and you are not telling the truth. Getting credits accepted at the next school and qualifying for scholarships that you have earned would now be at risk. If you are planning to enter the military, your ability to be accepted, much less the starting pay and rank if you are accepted, will be less than others who graduated from high school. Plus, you would not have told the truth, because you are in a private school, just as kids who attend a brick and mortar building every day are.

In the rare cases when a parent is approached by a county or state official and asked about their children’s school, it is important to remember that you are in a private school. As a student in all private schools, any contact between the parents and DCF, or any state or county official, including the public school system, that involves the student’s attendance in school should be referred to the school office. Stating simply and politely that your children are in a private school, and any questions they have concerning the student’s attendance should be directed to the school administrator, Mr. Lawson, is sufficient. Take their card, then call the school office and ask for Mr. Lawson so he will be aware of who may call for information. Neither you nor the school are required by law to discuss the status of your children’s academic progress without a court order. Do not invite them into your home. Do not discuss details of your schooling options.

Parent retains control of textbook choices and curriculum approach.

The core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social Studies are required in all grades after kindergarten. Additional subject areas like Personal Fitness, Art, Bible, etc. are normally added based on the parents’ goals and/or the student’s talents. Addi tionally, certain subjects are required for a student to receive a high school diploma. The choice of specific format and curriculum publisher is solely for the parents to make. FFCA publishes the Homeschooling Guide, in part to give parents an overview of the many different publishers that are available, their strengths and weaknesses. It should be noted that you do not have to use the same publisher for every subject. A tenth grader may have Bob Jones for English II Honors, Saxon for Algebra II, Apologia for Biology, and Alpha Omega for World History, as an example.

Our staff is here to assist you with these choices. Most of the time, report cards, the student’s grade history, and the parents’ insight into strengths and weaknesses of the student will allow us to make recommendations. For some students, placement testing becomes a valuable tool in which to address a student’s specific educational needs.

The Homeschooling Guide has valuable information on many curriculum publishers.

High school guidance of all graduation options and requirements.

High school can seem confusing, but, once a basic plan has been laid out and a course charted with the goals of the parents and students as the guides, it becomes manageable. From a student whose goal is a real high school diploma to someone yearning for that “ivy league” school (and the scholarships to pay for it), we are here to help you every step of the way. The High School Handbook is key to information on what credit areas are required for graduation. It also contains an overview of the additional requirements for Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship.
If the student has already earned some high school credits, the first step is to obtain a copy of his/her transcript. Then, meeting with the guidance counselor will produce an exact plan of courses required for graduation. If the student has been homeschooled through the county, you will need a detailed list of curriculum used, grades, and an end-of-year evaluation so we can determine what credits the student may have earned. Additional fees will apply for FFCA to certify those credits.

Maintenance of school records, with customized attendance/grade sheets.

You pick the textbook publisher, then submit grades evey nine weeks on custom grade sheets that we have designed specifically for your student, based on courses planned and publishers used. More details are given during the enrollment process, and your counselor will be glad to help with advice on types of curriculum, etc.

High school transcripts for college admission.

All previous school records are maintained by the staff of FFCA. Students receive report cards by return mail every nine weeks, as parents submit grades and attendance. Upon successful completion of each academic year, high school students’ transcripts are updated. Copies of the transcript are sent to any college or university that requests them for the life of the student. For the last fifteen years, our transcripts have been used for admission to many of the major colleges in Florida, dozens outside of the state, and for entrance into the Military.

Accredited High school diploma upon completion.

Florida county-registered “homeschoolers” generally sit for the GED test, but our students earn a real diploma. (Our diplomas have been accepted by all branches of the United States Military and all of the state colleges in Florida, because our students are real high school graduates.)

Expericenced full-time staff.

With over 30 years combined homeschooling experience, the school staff is ready to assist you every step of the way. Our staff has learned from the practical experience of homeschooling our own children, teaching in the classroom, and counseling hundreds of families during the last sixteen years. With this unique background, we will help you match the goals you have for the education of your students and help assure that they are well prepared academically.

Placement and Standardized Testing

Several testing options are available. Placement testing is often completed at the time of enrollment to properly place the student in the appropriate text. End-of-the-year testing is not state-mandated for students enrolled in private schools like FFCA. Parents who want their students’ report cards to be certified need to have them tested at the school. Testing is available for all students from grades 3-12.
To have high school credits certified on a student’s transcript, FFCA requires all high school students to take an end-of-the-year standardized test, or meet with the guidance department for review. If tests are taken off-campus, there is an additional fee to cover the cost of sending the test to a proctor (i.e., church staff person, certified teacher, etc.) to verify all testing conditions are met.

For complete details and test specifics go to the Testing Options page.

Classes Available Through the Florida Virtual School.

Virtual School is the public school system on-line. It uses the secular textbooks and public school teachers. Students have access to their textbooks on-line and can e-mail their teachers. It should be noted that, while there is some flexibility with the schedule of assignments, they do have deadlines that must be met.

Remember, if you are in FFCA, you are in a private school, NOT a homeschooler. You will have an opportunity to identify Families of Faith Christian Academy in Polk County as your school.

When you have signed up for the classes you want, please call the school so we can sign in and approve your courses, and add them to your academic plan.

Sign up details and a link to FLVS are on the left.

Local Dual-Enrollment at Community Colleges.

Dual-enrollment gives high school (designed for 10th through 12th grades) students the opportunity to attend classes on a college campus and earn credits that will apply to both their high school and college transcripts. For complete details, click on the Dual Enrollment link under the High School Planning Guide section of the menu bar on the left side of this page.