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Connie Gerbasi, Science, Math +
Dover Co-op

Stay tuned for updated class information for the 2013-2014 school year. Times and some class details may be different that listed below.

Dear Parents:
For the 2012-2013 school year, we will again be holding classes as grateful guests of New Hope Freewill Baptist Church at 3101 Sydney Dover Road in Dover. Below you will find a list of the science classes that will be offered. We will still meet on Mondays for the younger students and Tuesdays for the older students, beginning August 13/14 and ending April 15/16, with a fall break in October, a week break at Thanksgiving, and a three week break at Christmas for a total of 32 classes.

I will be offering Human Health and Nutrition for the first time in several years and Chemistry will be offered again this year but taught by KaLynn Singleton, a homeschool mom and math teacher/tutor. She will be using the most recent Apologia text by Dr. Jay Wile for Chemistry and I will as well as for Biology, Physical Science, and General Science. Used texts are available for all the Apologia courses so check the used book sales, Amazon and ebay. The Anatomy text is Body By Design by Gillen (any edition) and for Health we will use What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Dr. Rex Russell M.D. (any edition).

High school level Anatomy uses a variety of materials but this is not Jay Wile's Advanced Biology course. We stick mostly with human anatomy... not a lot of physiology. It will include many lab assignments so that parents are able to count this as a high school science with lab. The class is extremely hands-on, lots of dissections, at least one for every body system as well as other lab activities including at least two mammalian dissections and several organs. Our text is a biblically based, creationist view of human anatomy and serves as our anchor as we work through the eleven body systems. We also use the Princeton Review's version of The Anatomy Coloring Book.

I will be offering a new children’s class this year called Young Oceanographers. Like Young Scientists and Young Anatomists, this new class will have no text; only a copy/lab fee for the printed materials that I provide and lab supplies. There is very little written work as the “Young” classes are very hands-on.

Also new for this year will be math classes taught by the chemistry teacher, KaLynn Singleton. People have asked for math classes for years so, here they are. Please recruit your friends to fill these classes. While homeschooling my children, we found classes like these really helped us get through the whole curriculum in a year and gave everyone a better foundation in math in general. I think it especially helped them do better on the SAT as those types of math problems are usually incorporated into the class. Mrs. Singleton will be sending a separate email but I put her classes on the schedule as a rough idea of how the classes may overlap time wise. Let her know asap when you get her email so she can figure out the best times for the different math classes.

New as well is the opportunity to have a Spanish class on Tuesdays. Patty Gomez will be sending you out separate information to let you know a little bit about herself and her class. She is willing to offer Spanish I, Spanish II or Conversational Spanish depending on the response. We will try to plug the class(es) into the science schedule to accommodate the majority so let her know as soon as possible which class you are interested in and if you are planning on doing any other classes.

All the science I teach is creation science from a biblical worldview. My goal is to give my students an even greater appreciation for their Creator as well as building their faith as they see how all true science points to His design. Most of these amazing home educated students can hold their own in an academic debate over hot topics like evolution, climate change and the sanctity of life!

There is a tentative schedule printed below. It may need a little tweaking but I wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible. If you would, please send me out a separate e-mail to add your student to the list as my Gmail stacks up the e-mails and it is easy to miss one. If you have a returning student please don't just tell me what class you want, e-mail me.

I already have a list of new folks that have contacted me and they will receive this in a few days. Please feel free to forward this information through your various homeschool groups in a few days.

Biology (recommended for grades 9-12), lab fee $60
Physical Science (recommended for grades 7-9) lab fee $25
General Science (recommended for grades 6-8) lab fee $25
Anatomy (recommended for grades 9-12) lab fee $60
Health and Nutrition (recommended for grades 9-12) lab fee $60
Young Scientists (recommended for grades 1-5) lab fee $40
Young Anatomists (recommended for grades 3-6) lab fee $50
Young Oceanographers (recommended for grades 4-6) lab fee $50
Tuition for all classes is $210 (All classes include a full laboratory component)

Young Anatomists 12:30-1:30
Young Scientists 1:45-2:45
Young Oceanographers 3:00-4:00

Biology 8:00-9:15 (Mrs. Singleton’s Chemistry class during this same time)
Anatomy 9:30-10:30 (Mrs. Singleton’s Pre-Algebra class) ?? possible time slot
Health 10:45-12:00
Lunch Break 12:00-12:30
Physical Science 12:30-1:30 (Mrs. Singleton’s Algebra II) ?? possible time slot
General Science 1:30-2:30 (Mrs. Singleton’s Algebra I) ?? possible time slot
Overflow Class 2:30-3:30

A link to an overview of each class is at the bottom of the page, to help answer questions as to what each one covers.

So for now, just email me your students name and the class you want them in. Deposit info will come later.

Over the years, the science students have never ceased to amaze me with their ability to grasp and remember complicated scientific content but more amazingly, their spiritual and emotional maturity. I am overwhelmed sometimes just thinking about the great job you are doing as homeschool parents. Because of your hard work, persistence and sacrifice you are changing the world in which your children will live in the future. They will have the spiritual foundation and practical skills to walk out a godly life even in the face of great opposition and moral depravity. Many will, no doubt, be the leadership for the Body of Christ as adults. Thank you for blessing me with the privilege of participating in your educational journey. I am convinced that each year, I have learned more from my students than I could ever teach them =)

Looking forward to all God has for us in 2013-2014,
Connie Gerbasi

To download a pdf of any course click the link below.

Young Anatomists

Young Scientists

Young Oceanographers

Biology I



Physical Science

General Science