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Policies, Procedures, and FAQ's

Most of the core beliefs of Families of Faith Christian Academy International are detailed in our Statement of Faith. What we believe concerning our role in the education of students is outlined on the Introduction and Educational Philosophy pages of this web site, as are the Services and Benefits we endeavor to provide our member families. Enrollment questions are addressed on the Enrollment 2011-2012 page. High School and the Bright Futures Scholarship have their own sections.

This page is intended to provide the specific details and answers to questions that may have been missed elsewhere.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Families of Faith Christian Academy International does not discriminate against anyone based on race, national origin or gender. Such discrimination would be contrary to our Statement of Faith, but, most importantly, to the very Word of God.

Academic Requirements and Policies

As an accredited private school, Families of Faith Christian Academy International is held to the highest of academic standards.

*Students must complete 180 days of attendance each academic school year.
*Credits below a C in core academic areas are not accepted for credit toward high school graduation or promotion to subsequent grades. This applies to current students and all previous grades and credits of students wishing to transfer to Families of Faith.
*Students must demonstrate academic progress before report cards will be certified or credits awarded. The standard verification method is through yearly nationally- normed testing. For details of the test offered and dates, refer to the school Calendar pages and the Services & Benefits page. For high school students, additional information is located on the High School Definitions page. Students may opt for portfolio review by the administrator as an alternative.
* In addition to the standard core course requirements, FFCA high school students are required to complete a minimum of two credits of Bible. (Specifically Intro to Bible I (Old Testament Survey) and Intro to Bible II (New Testament Survey).

Sports Policy

Families of Faith Christian Academy International does not offer sports. The 2011 Florida Legislature approved a measure which allows students enrolled in a private school to play sports with the public school they are zoned to attend. An EL-12 form has three sections. One section each must be completed by the parents, private school (FFCA) and the school that provides the sport before the student can even attend practice. A copy of the form can be downloaded here. EL-12.pdf

Harassment and Disputes Policy

Whenever there are two or more individuals who are born in sin and encased in a body of flesh, it is only a matter of time before some dispute develops. The Bible clearly teaches that in those cases there is a procedure to follow. At Families of Faith, our goal is to follow that example to the fullest extent possible. It  should be noted that harassment is not just a dispute, but may be a crime and individuals who are found to engage in such activity will be terminated with cause.
            1) First go to the individual and share the basis of the problem.
            Most often a Christian brother or sister will be able to explain their actions in more detail, if justified, and it may be found that no hurt was intended, but confronting the situation has allowed everyone to see how it could be avoided in the future. Sometimes some hurt was intended, and the offending brother or sister now has the opportunity to repent, ask forgiveness, and restore fellowship.
            2) If Step One has not resolved the issue, then we are instructed to bring “two or three witnesses,” not to gang up on the person, but to hear both sides and bring restoration.
            Families of Faith is not a church with many members, so the “two or three witnesses” is not practical. Step Two would bring into the conversation the administrative person who is in the position above both of the parties involved. In most cases, because of the small size of the school, that would mean bringing the situation to the administrator. We will not conduct private meetings that defame any member of the staff or member of the school. The goal is to bring restoration. That requires prayer, a clear explanation of the problem, and steps that will bring healing. You can be right, but handle a problem in a way that is not. If the problem is with the school administrator, then a meeting with a third party (preferably a local pastor that has demonstrated wisdom and a love for his flock) may be asked if he is willing to counsel the individuals back into fellowship.

            The steps above are the basis of all conflict resolution and are policies of Families of Faith Christian Academy International, with the following points of procedure:
            1) No Student Conflict with the school will be addressed unless at least one of the parents is present at the meeting.
            2) No School Offical will conduct conflict resolution meetings alone; a second staff member must be present in the room at all times.

            Any individual, including the school administrator, who is not willing to go through Steps One and Two, does not have the qualities of spiritual leadership that are expected among Christians, and may not be retained as an employee.